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Digital 2B s.n.c. - Gestione documentale - Digitalizzazione documenti - Informatica a Marsala e Palermo in SiciliaHow many times you’re looking for a document and you can’t find it? How big is your archive? How many time do you waste looking for an invoice, a contract, a letter?

The solution is Digital 2B: leader in document management systems.

Our specialized solutions allow you to capture, digitize and catalog your documents, transforming them from “paper” to “digital”.

Digital 2B s.n.c. - Gestione documentale - Digitalizzazione documenti - Informatica a Marsala e Palermo in Sicilia

Italian companies print, every year, 115 billion pages of which 20 billion unused! A waste that corresponds o the emission of 4 million tonnes of CO2, the slaughter of more than 20 million trees and, above all, to over 400 million USD.

A company that saves paper and energy consumption for printing and storage, is a company that respects the environment and increase their earnings.

Digital 2B allows you to cut those costs that, for their nature, are maybe not apparent to your eyes as others, but they exist, and, simultaneously, to quickly and safely improve the quality of your business.

Try to think to what it means do not get up agait to find a document.
It’s always there in front of you, immediately. With a click! Do not worry about the material management of all those documents, often totally useless and unnecessary for future consultations. Do not worry about losing or spendingg hour in search of a document.

85% of the documents is never used again;
50% of the document is copied up to 6 times;
about 7% is lost.

Digital 2B s.n.c. - Gestione documentale - Digitalizzazione documenti - Radio Streaming - Informatica a Marsala e Palermo in SiciliaDocument management system allows to companies and government to achieve savings and speed and, at the same time, more peace of mind in document management, more security and more accessibility to its documents: more performance.

Scan your documents mean:

  • Reduction of space required (cubic meters and kg of paper in just a DVD)
  • Reduction of operating costs
  • Durability of documents (never faded, cracked or stained)
  • Confidentiality (every employee can access to certain documents with a password)

Yesterday is history.
Tomorrow is a mystery.
Today is a gift.
That’s why it’s called the present.

(Alice Morse Earle)

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